Ideas I’m to stupid to build: Sourdough incubator v2

If you have landed on this site because you are looking for the tutorial on the sourdough incubator, this is the wrong post. Click here to go to: How to build an Arduino based sourdough incubator. This is a new series of posts. I want to try to document some of the ideas I have, which I probably never get around to build (time constrains, lack of intelligence, lack of education, or all of them).

This month: The next fully web enabled sourdough incubator or as I call it – Sourdough incubator v2

Here is my idea on post-it’s first as I usually document my stuff.

Sourdough incubator v2 idea draft
Sourdough incubator v2 idea draft

The basic idea is to make the incubator fully accessible via wlan (internet?). Also I would like to move the program logic to my home server (a Raspberry Pi) and have only the absolute minimum of electronics connected to the incubator:

  • 1 ESP8266
  • 2 relays (one turns the heating on and off, the other the fan for cooling)
  • 1 simple temperature sensor

No screen/user interface connected to the incubator itself. I like to select the program (1 of 4) via webpage, also I like a stop/off button to stop the selected program and a free mode, where I can select a specific temperature and time frame. This is probably all running on the Raspberry Pi.

I always want to know the current temperature within the incubator. Also a notification (email, message), when the program has finished or another phase begins and I have to act.

Nevertheless, there are some open questions:

  1. Is it even possible to run 3 components with an ESP8266? I only found tutorials for one component so far.
  2. How do I power the incubator with only one plug? The light bulb for heating runs with 220v, the fan with 5v, and the ESP8266 with 3.3 (if I remember correctly).
  3. What kind of software, application, scripts do I need on the Raspberry Pi?

After some time thinking about the idea and defining the open questions, I realized that this is beyond me. There is too little knowledge on coding. Also the power supply seems way to tricky – and I do not want to burn down the house.

Final verdict:

Good idea …but…

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