Usefull stuff I found: How does NodeJS work?

This will be a very short article or rather a note and link collection on NodeJS. If you browsed through my blog, you have probably stumbled upon my beginner augmented reality project, where I wanted to create a real-time temperature and humidity monitor using Open Hybrid.

This project is on hold for now, as I was not able to import the data using NodeJS. This was and is not a technical thing, it is rather a knowledge thing :-). As someone lacking an IT background, I realized that this is way over my head (for now).

Doing some research, I came across this some very useful articles for beginners, which I like to share here. They helped me to get back on track and to give it another try. Still not very successfully :-), but that is the fun part, right?

I will expand on this list, as I work my way through the sources. And If I’m done, I will be finally able to finish my augmented reality project :-).

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